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EC-15 E-Hookah Nargila Style 1,200 PUFFS Each, Box Set
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Product Code: EC-15
SOLD BY BOX (Assorted Flavors)

E-Hookah Nargila Style 1,200 PUFFS Each- 0% Nicotine

Each puff filled with an undeniably sensational taste and aroma that you’ll fall in love with.

The Atmos E Hookah holds up to 1200 draws providing reasonably extended vape sessions.
0.5 ounce in weight.
One solid build
Built in cartridge
signature glowing blue light
auto function

The Atmos E hookah is prefilled and ready to use requiring No assembly / No charge prior to usage. Each cartridge is prefilled with rich flavor for great vapor, taste and aroma. Set includes assorted flavors of:
HOT KISS(chocolate mint), LOST(strawberry kiwi), BLUE LAGOON(blueberry), MAGIC DRAGON(mango orange), LONDON BREEZE(lemon mint), 4 PLAY(watermelon mint).